I’m so sorry that I’m late with my news for this month. I’ve been in the moving process, and all that entails, and have been swamped - literally, since the back of my property is in a flood zone! Oh, that’s OK, the front is not - it’s a very deep lot! I live in Gonzales, now, friends. I had been searching out in this direction for a couple of years and finally found a place I liked, and the sellers took my offer. Thanks to Selena (happy birthday this month!) for finding this house for me, and Joan Abbott, who has helped me for a while on house buying. So, the chapter of learning to be handy has begun in my life. Shouldn’t take but a couple of years - I’ve already gotten some schooling on the inner workings of wells and sewer systems! And, the place is a little more convenient for the New Orleans gigs. If you want the new address and phone number, get in touch.

Well, the Bulldog ended with little fanfare. One chapter closes. Another begins. A few regulars from there have helped me find another New Orleans watering hole that they like - it’s called The Blue Moon, 116 Focis in Old Metairie, on the corner with Old Metairie Road. I’ll do two Fridays this month, at 9pm. If it works out, that could be a regular show; but it will be competing with Fridays at the Half Shell and at Superior Grill, so, I can’t say it will become a regular thing, yet. I will also show back up in the French Quarter at The Little Easy later on this month. Check for calendar updates on that - should be there after my vacation, which I’ll tell you about in May.

Another New Orleans gig has dropped on my lap - I’ll be doing some Tuesday afternoons at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Café. I’ve always loved sitting in the little room in the front, on Decatur, and drinking an Incommunicado (kind of like a Monsoon at Port of Call!). I think these afternoon gigs will be nice and laid back, from 3pm-6pm. Hope I can move more CDs to the tourists.

I wasn’t blown away with the JazzFest lineup this year. Maybe I’m getting old and just don’t recognize these acts, nowadays! Just kidding, there are plenty of old school acts, too. But, I will try to go just to enjoy a nice day of sitting in the sun with friends, having cold beers, and eating great New Orleans food. I won’t make it to the Beale St. Music Festival this year, unfortunately, but I recommend that one, as well. French Quarter Festival is something I’ve done a couple of times and is really cool, with music stages all over the Quarter and the Riverside parks - again, great food is abundant! Look for my buddy, John Gros and Papa Grows Funk. Ingrid Lucia, another fav of mine, is there, as well - www.frenchquarterfestival.com.

I’m working on a show in the Lafayette area, which I hope will happen next month. Keep on the lookout for that, if you live out that way and still check in on my site. I haven’t played there in a decade, it seems. Wow, this music life has become some long career! Now, I have to pay for a house - so, there’s no stopping now. I feel like this year is just now starting, and I really hope I can meet some goals for myself, and some of the expectations that I feel I get from you all. I do strive to please and hope you guys enjoy what I do.

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Looking forward to new baby Fitzgerald, due in May from Angie and Joel, and news from Alaska from Molly and John, regarding their baby’s arrival! I’ll get you out to the new place soon everyone!