From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for the wild success this year of The Elvis and Jesse Show!  It was the best one ever, I’ll say.  The band was brilliant and they all worked very hard (for nothing) to make it sound so good.  Number in attendance was the highest ever, as were contributions and paid-at-the-door figures.  Mike Boykin, his family, and the One Man Shoot charity team really came through to bring in such great numbers.  PSS gave us all the sound and help we could ever want, free of charge.  Everyone with The Pelican House gave us carte blanche to make it easy to put on an extravaganza.  The boys in the Mafia are the best!  Gerard Langlois, Jr. performed better than ever.  I almost passed out….hehe…. it was hot in there and in that suit and wig!  But, I felt a great sense of pride this year in our dedication to Connie Mack Boykin; and we got a big thumbs up from Bobbie Boykin.  I did feel fulfilled and successful this year, after it was all over – that is not always the case.  I have you all to thank for that, and your generosity to me, as usual, is given in abundance.  I am sincerely grateful. 

I must say that it feels like it’s been a very busy summer, and I finish it off with a Labor Day gig at the CCL pool.  Work will slow down a bit now, as I tend to take off Saturdays to hang out with Selena for some football and fun.  I do have one Saturday gig this month, and it will be close to campus on game day, Sept. 20, LSU v. Miss St.  I’ll be at the Co-op Bookstore, 3960 Burbank Dr., doing a tailgate party concert – more than likely in the afternoon before the game.  As of this writing, I am waiting on the time of kickoff to be announced.  For a 6pm game, we’ll start at 1pm.  For a 2:30 game, we’ll be going by 10am.  If it should be the earliest time slot, we’ll play after the game.  I’ll be joined by Matt Doran, Allan Maxwell, and Keith Simoneaux, and we’ll do a set list similar to our Perkins Rowe Rock ‘n Rowe appearances.  Hope to see you there as SEC play begins!

Music at Monjuni’s Italian Restaurant begins in September and runs on Fridays through November 21.  I’ll be there on the 12th this month.  Even though I’ll be struggling to keep up with the Saints on the telly, I can’t skip my great brunch gig at Beausoleil .  But, with more bar room and larger TVs, this will be the place to be on Sundays!  You can watch me, or watch football – don’t matter!  Gonna be a great place to hang out for a Saints brunch!  They also have great live music on Fridays at Beausoleil:  Jodi James, Caleb Eilliot, Javier Gutierrez, and John Fohl this month. 

The Wednesday gig at Bin 77 will continue and I hope we’ll find the temps beginning to decline; but, it’s been a full patio, even while warm.  Other gigs this month include Metairie Country Club, Churchill’s, and Bar Louie. 

Fall gets crazy busy for my wife, but I try to fill her little free time with even more stuff – and there’s a lot coming up!  I’m very excited about the festivals, Oktoberfest, travel ideas, concerts, dark beers, and of course more football related fun and food.  She is very happy that this time of year has finally arrived.  We have a blast in the fall, which also includes our anniversary in October. 

Thanks for a great summer, my friends!  Looking forward to the cooler temps and good times with you all.

Geaux Tigers and Who Dat?!!!