I guess I don’t have to tell you that this month and May are the greats for festivals and fun in South Louisiana.  We just kicked off the spring season with the Zapp’s International Beer Festival at Rural Life Museum in BR.  I think this was the first beer tasting that Selena and I have both attended.  I hope she liked it enough to go to the one in Denver!  I’m hoping we’ll also get down to New Orleans for one of the Wednesday in the Square concerts at Lafayette Square Park.  We’re going to a foodie event down there soon with some friends, so the month is starting with some tasty fun, well deserved – we missed all Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s events this year. 

Well, we started a new, little project at the house that turned into a larger fix.  Our laundry room was so poorly built and smelled of mold.  We thought we’d pull the floors and walls and see what was going on.  That was not too bad and we did find some wood that needs replacing – not much.  We also found a trap door that led to some comedy, as well as a lot of the water works under the house.  Unfortunately, also some small pools of water from leaks.  So, I’m patching that main drain line and we’ll get going on a new floor, walls, and ceiling.  That room was also super cold or hot, depending on the weather.  This should really improve laundry days.  And this all started on a Friday off with Selena just saying, “you know what we should do today,” after I had planned a fun day on the road!  But, my wife is nothing if not practical.  Oh, it’s her birthday this month!  Does this qualify for a present – I hope so!  “I got you this plumbing, baby.”

I’ve got a new gig at Bar Louie on April 3.  It is located by Mall of Louisiana, on what I would call the back side, facing the cinema.  I actually have several bookings there through the summer.  I hope it turns out well.  Always glad to have good, new clients to work for.  I hope to make my first spring appearance on Monjuni’s patio on April 11.  No rain, please!  Also, I play Metairie Country Club, Bacchus Bistro, Churchill’s, The Rusty Nail In NOLA, Beausoleil, and On the Half Shell. 

On the last Friday of this month, I’ve been asked to play a great event: Gourmet in the Garden at LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden, 4560 Essen, 6:30 – 9pm.  This is a progressive dinner of fresh farm-to-table food products, prepared by amazing Louisiana chefs.  Joining me are Matt Doran and Charles Pierce.  Jodi James also performs for the dinner.  Tickets at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/gourmet-in-the-garden-a-progressive-dinner-in-the-gardens-tickets-10371021003?utm_campaign=new_eventv2&utm_medium=email&utm_source=eb_email&utm_term=eventurl_text

Some events:
Each Wednesday in New Orleans – www.wednesdayatthesquare.com

April 5 – Freret Street Festival – www.freretstreetfestival.com

April 12 – Baton Rouge Blues Festival – www.batonrougebluesfestival.org

April 11 – 13 – Strawberry Festival – www.lastrawberryfestival.com

April 10 – 13 – French Quarter Festival – www.fqfi.org

April 25 – 27 - Festival de la Prairie –- http://www.stjohnchurch.org/main/index.php?page=tp_festival_de_la_prairie

April 25 -  May 3 - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival – www.nojazzfest.com

April 23 – 27 – Festival International de Louisiane  – www.festivalinternational.com

….and there are so many more.  This is the place to live!  Time to get to a party, a boil, or a grill; then dance, eat, drink, and love life!  I’m blessed and lucky in my own world; and I hope you are well and happy, through life’s easy times and challenges.  Thanks for all you do for me!  Happy Birthday to my beautiful, amazing wife Selena.  I love you very much…