Last coupla weeks, I’ve been busy cleaning up the house and yard to make a nice impression on friends coming over for a gathering.  Turned out good and the place looks nice.  Finished a few more improvements and projects here, but I am still mainly moving our piles of stuff from one room to another.  We are hoping to actually get rid of things this summer – let the kids take it all to their new apartment. 

We teased ourselves with the thought of cool weather by watching some of the Saints Super Bowl season this past weekend.  I always say “I can’t wait,” but like most of us, once that time is here, I’m ready for spring and summer, again.  I’m definitely a “what’s next” kind of person, when it comes to the fun of daily life and planning.  Not so in my business, as things kinda go along of their own volition, and I feel comfortable with its status (luckily).  Though, that part of my brain suffers from a feeling of doom, wondering when it will all suddenly end…hehe. 

Well, I know it’s not ending just yet, and I have a decent schedule of gigs in July.  We’ll continue the Wednesdays on the patio at Bin 77 in Perkins Rowe – I guess until it’s just too damn hot out there.  However, if they should cease, I think it’s only a pause until the better temps arrive in the fall.  It’s a great place – I dig the whole vibe.  Sunday brunch at Beausoleil is probably the best thing ever!  I love being able to do this gig – so many nice folks with nice things to say to me!  I leave there every Sunday feeling happy and blessed, and lucky for this work!

I’ve got my annual appearance at the Louisiana Dental Association fishing rodeo in Grand Isle this month.  It’s always a nice roadie for me, and I catch up with some Me & My Big Mouth podcasts while I drive along the bayous.  Other great gigs this month are Bar Louie, Metairie Country Club, On the Half Shell, The Grapevine, Bacchus Bistro, and Satterfield’s Landing. 

Festivals slow down to a very scant few from July thru August.  But, I do like the look of San Fermin in Nuevo Orleans, which is a weekend of events centered around the “Running of the Bulls,” a la Pamplona, Spain.  In this case, the bulls are women on roller skates.  Check out events at

Music festivals include the Essence Music Festival in NOLA and the Swamp Pop Music Festival in Gonzales.  The last day of this month begins the Satchmo Summer Fest, with music down around the US Mint in New Orleans.   Pecan Ridge Bluegrass Festival is happening in Jackson, LA. 

After a recent and fabulous experience in mixology and cocktailing at Loa bar in the International House Hotel, I’d recommend Tales of the Cocktail -  Lots of spirits, specialty drinks, mixology, cutting edge cocktailing, and, of course, food to go with it. 

No beaching for us, as of yet – maybe a few fun date days.  Selena is working hard on her business, and summer is looking pretty busy for us both.  I’m close to the big push for The Elvis and Jesse Show, which is August 23 at The Pelican House in Baton Rouge.  Same great fun and same great friends helping us out.  More details to follow. 

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July holiday, my friends.  God bless the USA!!!